About Us

We are a family of four and a half- Seth, Bethany, Blevin and Caleb and another little man on the way. Seth is on staff with Campus Outreach and I (Bethany) stay at home with the boys and sometimes sell Usborne books and am making some attempt to homeschool. Blevin is almost five and is the compassionate (most of the time) Transformer and super hero loving boy. Caleb is almost three and keeps me on my toes- there is never a dull moment with him around!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A greased pig???

The goal is to recruit people to Christmas conference-Right? (now called new years conference!) So- the single staff guys- Ben and Matt decide that it would be good to have a big BBQ and have a greased pig chase! Where you get a pig- grease it up and chase it!! So- Ben finds a pig at a pig farm for $30 and brings it home today! During story time this morning Ben calls my phone (which he never does), so I answered and he asks very quickly for seth- and I tell him where Seth is and he informs me that the pig has escaped and is running through a nearby really nice neighborhood and on the golf course!! So- there are six guys (four of the five staff guys) chasing a pig in this neighborhood for over an hour!! They finally find and catch him!! Blevin is so excited and told atleast 3 people in the grocery store that his daddy was going to catch a pig and I just smiled! When we get to the BBQ tonight- I have great compassion for the little guy and feel sorry for it - and DID NOT eat any bbq (it kind of freaked me out) So- all that work and planning and about 60 people came to the cookout- but the little guy got complete stage freight and wouldn't run when people chased it!! The kids loved chasing it- so it was fun for them- but other than a funny day- the greased pig did not perform- But gave numerous laughs!! It is funnier to me cause I lived it- but hopefully you can appreciate the great lengths these guys will go to to try to get someone to go to conference!!!!!
Here are some pics of the little guy and my little ones chasing it!! And in case you didn't know- they stink SOOOO bad!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Sweet Blevin is 4!!!!

I can't believe I have a four year old!! My sweet- compassionate- loving first born is now four!! He was somewhat confused since we had his party a little over a week ago- and since his idea of time is a little off- and he was disappointed when he realized he was not going to get more toys!! In order to make his day special- I let him pick what he wanted to do- we had his favorite breakfast- Eggo waffles and eggs with candles of course and then he watched lots of TV this morning- played transformers with mommy- got to rent a movie at the store and watch it this afternoon- got to play on the computer and then go ride bikes and then pick where we went to eat dinner- Ci Ci's (his favorite) and then we came home and had a cupcake and me and Seth told him the things that we had been encouraged by in his life in the last year (this is something we just started tonight, but want to do every year)!!! So- I think his day was special!! At dinner- I asked him several questions- so this will give you some insight into Blevin- "What are you most excited about now that you are four?" Blevin-"I can play games( on the laptop)" and then "What do you want to accomplish in your fourth year of life?" Blevin- Eat Pizza!!! - so games and pizza are important!! So- to my sweet first born- Happy 4th Birthday!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Check out these Superheroes

So...we had a superhero celebration on Saturday celebrating Caleb turning 2 and Blevin turning 4!!! Although I was completely stressed all week- it was great and I am glad that the boys had it together!! My friend Allison took most of the pics with her camera, but this will give you an idea of what happened!! All guests arrived- greeted by Blevin- a.k.a. Bumblebee the transformer and Caleb-a.k.a Batman and went to make a superhero mask and get a cape (that I made from plastic tablecloths) then we played two games - one of which was going to find two villans and "tie" them up in a chair with toilet paper. Then we had cake and ice cream. I also followed my sweet husbands leadership and did not make the cake- but bought it- and then opened way too many presents- our friends and family were so gracious to us!! It was a BLAST!!! Blevin got like 6 transformers and I have thoroughly enjoyed using my brain and putting them back together over and over!!!