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We are a family of four and a half- Seth, Bethany, Blevin and Caleb and another little man on the way. Seth is on staff with Campus Outreach and I (Bethany) stay at home with the boys and sometimes sell Usborne books and am making some attempt to homeschool. Blevin is almost five and is the compassionate (most of the time) Transformer and super hero loving boy. Caleb is almost three and keeps me on my toes- there is never a dull moment with him around!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

some updates on the way.....

so...its been a while- between beach project -two computer crashes -pregnancy and just life i have not taken the time to update and the problem is that because this is my virtual scrapbook i want to do several posts with all of our updates/fun things since April!!! (that is a little overwhelming) so in case you did not know we are expecting #3 and it is another boy!!! so...now that i have told you this hopefully i will get on it soon!!

Monday, May 11, 2009


So for all of you that know me- you know I absolutely LOVE a good deal!! Well.... I have started joining this coupon craze and I am clipping coupons and only buying what is on sale at the store. I am pretty much only shopping at Publix (which I absolutely Love) and have recently added CVS to my coupon adventure!! So....I have to tell you about all that I got at CVS today for $22.00- Are you ready?

5- 12 pack cans of Diet Coke
1- 8 pack roll of Scott paper towels
1- package of Dunkin Donuts Coffee (French Vanilla- My favorite!!)
1- jar of Peanut Butter (it was not my favorite skippy natural, but it was skippy and it was only $1 with my coupon, so we can eat it!!)
4 -tubes of Colgate toothpaste (2 for me and seth and 2 for the boys)!!!!!
1- 32 oz thing of detergent (some random brand, but it will work)

I was so excited and had to share- i bought what was on sale and then had a coupon for that stuff and used some reward bucks I had!!

Then I went to publix and spent $78 and saved $75!!!!! We have enough cereal and graham crackers to last for the next few months!!!

I am using a website called southernsavers.com and she does all the work and tells you what is on sale and where to find the coupons (you have to buy the sunday paper) I have only been doing if for about 6 weeks, but I can tell that I am saving money and it is a fun adventure- Now I don't want to buy anything without a coupon!!!!! So...check it out and start your own adventure!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

These are the top two reasons I absolutely LOVE being a mommy!

1. Blevin


Thay make me laugh daily and cry often when I see the tenderness in their hearts and get to have conversations about Jesus!!! I am so thankful that I get the privilege to do this job!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all of my friends that get to share this experience with me!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

keeps me on my toes....

well- as you all know caleb makes life fun and exciting. last night he woke up and joined the party with everyone and then while I was getting ready to go to bed i noticed he did not follow, but he was so tired that i just figured he was laying on the couch because that is what he told me he wanted to do. i was wrong- i walked into the kitchen and i found him with his hand in the sugar jar that i have by the coffee maker eating sugar!!!!! i should know better by now to always worry that he is getting into something. the picture does not do it justice- but his nose does look a little blurry...that is sugar!!! then he wanted to change clothes and he wants to pick out all his own clothes and put them on - so he picked out a shirt and put it on upside down and backwards and he is so stubborn and i get so tired of fighting him on everything that i let him sleep it in just like that!!! The Lord knew I needed some entertainment in life!!!!

the happy couple...

one of our staff guys- matt- proposed last night to bethany. We got to be part of the whole thing- which I loved!! we all went to dinner to do some of our "pre-engagement" counseling and then seth wanted to them to go and spend some time praying together (which was when he was going to pop the question!) so we dropped them off and they went to this cute little chapel on campus and he did his whole romantic, sweet thing (He did good!) and then we had a suprise party at our house afterwards so she could show the ring off and do a lot of screaming!! It was fun and we are so excited about their marriage!!
here is the happy couple....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Two weekends of fun and a really long post!!!!

Well I had great plans to post our last weekend fun last week...but ya know- it never happened- so last weekend....seth went out of town so I got to hang out with my two bff's all weekend!! on saturday we went to the zoo on saturday because it was such a beautiful day- unfortunately everyone else in atlanta had the same idea- but we made it through and had lots of fun!!!
My little chicks in the nest!!
What do you think about it Mr. Goat?

Brushing the goats- this is one of the few pics I got of their faces-all the rest of them are of the backs of their heads!!

Riding the see-saw in the playground after seeing all our favorite animals!!!
We also got to hang out with the phi mu's a lot last weekend we went to their philanthropy event and then on Sunday we went to Family Day!!! It was fun meeting all the girl's parents and the boys enjoyed all the attention- as always!!!

Friday afternoon we went to the Braves opening day- we had about 50 students that went and all tail-gated before and then went to the game- the boys LOVED it!!
Playing football and cornhole!!!!

The fam- notice the black clouds in the background? Yeah that was a thunderstorm that caused a rain delay in the 3rd inning!!

Two of the sweet Phi Mu's- rachel and alexa- both are in my Bible study and going to Beach Project!!!!!

I did not take my camera in because of the rain- luckily it paid off to be in the cheap seats because we were covered because we were so high up- the boys eyes were so big from trying to take it all in and then it started to rain and hail and the wind was blowing like crazy- I figured we were okay cause surely someone was watching the radar and all the security people were in the field, so I figured if there was a tornado- they would atleast get their people to safety- After waiting it out for 45 minutes - we decide to just go when there is a little break in the rain- well the "break" was over by the time we reached the front gate and we all got soaked going to the car!! Luckily- I had clothes for the boys and me and seth were just wet- but it was so fun!!!

Saturday.....the boys went to waffle house with their daddy for breakfast and let me sleep and then he took them to see Monsters vs. Aliens yesterday afternoon and then of course we dyed eggs and we did our Easter prizes last night because Seth went to the Masters today so he would not be here today.....

As if that was not enough- Seth's brother- Shane came to spend the night with us so they got to wrestle and play with Uncle Shane!!

Today.....After many conversations about why we celebrate Easter- I hope that Blevin understands more and more why Christ came to die and why we need a Lord and Savior- He can answer all my questions about it-but I hope it is more than that to Him!! After church we went to eat with Terry and Mary Ann and then had an easter egg hunt! Each child had a certain number of eggs and they could only find the ones with their first initial so the big ones would not find them all!!

It doesn't take long for boys to wonder why their mom is trying to take pictures of them?!?!

I know I am bias- but these are two little studs!!!

Caleb and the girls looking for their eggs

Blevin on the hunt!!

enjoying some of the goodies

All the kids- 4 of the 5 were happy- that is pretty good!!!!

man I love these kids!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh Caleb!!!

Caleb is quite the independent one and this morning he decided to pour himself some milk which was actually coffee creamer and only spilled a little bit- so I was quite suprised but then later I came in the kitchen and he had some gross brown stuff on his chin and I said Caleb- "what are you eating?" and his reply was "Toffee!!" (or coffee) He does love to try and steal a few sips of my coffee but this morning he went for the grounds in the trash!!!!! Luckily they were on top- My life would be so boring without him!!!

Spring Break

One of the great things about being in college ministry is that we still get to take advantage of spring break (if seth does not go on a trip with students) So spring break was actually last week but I am always slow to post- anyway- we went for two nights away without kids to our friends the Ackers mountain cabin! It was amazing and much needed since Seth's schedule has been so crazy. We went hiking- Seth went fly fishing and did a whole lot of nothing- just enjoying the scenery and quiet!!!

This was Bald River Falls- it was beautiful and this is where we went for a hike!!

Seth trying fly-fishing- sadly he did not catch anything!!

After two nights away we went back to Seth's parents for a golf tournament and Shane and Brittany came too- so we went from peace and quiet to 5 kids in one house! Luckily it was great weather and they played outside the whole time. We went to a little park that has a "mini" roller coaster and a train- so the kids loved that. The guy working the roller coaster let Caleb and Hadley ride even though they were not tall enough and Caleb loved it and Uncle Shane rode the train with them and then we had a little birthday party for Madison- who is turning 6- with cake and pinata!!! So..it was fun and crazy but we are always happy to be with our cousins!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

superhero spotting

Last week there was a superhero spotting in Carrollton, GA. Batman and Bumblebee the Transformer were seen on a scooter and running through the yard. I felt safe knowing that there were some superheroes looking out for me!!!!!

Blevin kept this outfit on for a solid 36 hours only to pull it down to go to the bathroom!! Caleb did not sleep in his but took it off for bed - put on superman pjs- and the next morning his first question was asking where his batman outfit was. You get lots of smiles when you go out in public with batman and bumblebee!!! if you can tell- batman has on two different shoes too- he insisted on wearing them!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a little nugget....

read this the other morning and thought I would share.....

Psalms 28:9:  Save....bless....feed....lift up....

What an inclusive prayer! Nothing is left out.  The word that speaks to me specially is "feed"
I do not think there is anything from the beginning of our Christian life to the end that is so keenly attacked as our quiet time with God, for it is in quietness that we are fed.  Sometimes it is not possible to get long uninterrupted quiet, but even if it be only ten minutes, "hem it with quietness."  Enclose it in quietness; do not spend the time in thinking how little time you have. Be quiet. If you are interrupted, as soon as the interruption ceases, sink back into quietness again without fuss or worry of spirit.  Those who know this secret and practice it, are lifted up. They go out from that time with their Lord, be it long or short, so refreshed , so peaceful , that wherever they go they unconsciously say to others, who are perhaps cast down and weary, There is a lifting up.  

-Amy Carmichael
"Edges of His Ways"

Monday, March 9, 2009

my men

I have been a little saddened lately when i watch the boys and think about how big they are- Blevin is a "boy" and although he still loves his mother so- he loves his transformers and using his imagination to tell me about his imaginary pet dinos that change into helicopters???? i just play along and hope that it means he will be smart!!!
Caleb is a "boy" too with a new big boy hair cut and big boy underwear and riding a big boy bike-I no longer have a baby at all! So as sad as it may be- it is soooo much fun!!!
We are loving this warm weather too- here are some of our fun sunny days playing and today mud snowmen turned into a mud bath!!!
(a man after my own heart!!!!)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

so i am spoiled....

I got another weekend away this past weekend and I know I am spoiled- but it was planned around christmas and I did not know about my birthday weekend!! I went to panama city with my friend Katy and three of her friends- it was a great time - we got to lay out for about 2 hours on saturday, most of the time with my jacket on, and then I ran the seaside 1/2 marathon on sunday morning in freezing cold weather and 25 mph wind- not exactly what I was expecting!!! but I beat my goal time by 10 minutes partly because the faster I ran the faster I got to get out of the cold!! And the funniest thing was driving home from the beach in the snow!!! good ol southern weather!! here are some pics of me-katy-cyndi- nanette and delaney- my camera died so the pics of me finishing are on someone else's camera

I look a little awkward because my teeth were literally chattering because I was so cold!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

about one year ago...

I left the city of jacksonville and a church that I ABSOLUTLEY loved and crossed from central to eastern time to the great state of Georgia! I can't believe that it has already been a year and although it was a hard move- I am amazed at the confirmations that the Lord has given us that we are supposed to be here!!
Here are just a few things I love about Carrollton and I am thankful for:

*The favor He has provided for me with Phi Mu
*the boys loving our new house-yard- and friends
*my sweet friend- mary ann- that has made the move so easy
*Target- one mile from my house (just a sweet bonus)
*a house I love with a great yard and great neighbors (my sweet neighbor Mrs. charlotte takes care of me!!! she brings us food and gets our mail and just comes to hang out in the afternoon when I am out with the boys)
*over 30 students coming to Christ- AMAZING!!!! (this is all i really need to say)
*a great church that loves us (actually my sweet friends threw me a suprise birthday party today- so i am so thankful for these ladies and their walks with the Lord)
* a great staff team
*the sun setting later here (well i know the time is diferent, either way- the sun is up til past dinner!!!)
*awesome parks we can walk to and the memories that go with them!
*sidewalks everywhere to run on with my jog stroller

so...these are just a few things- but I am thankful for this change and although there are soooooo many memories I have from good ol j'ville- i have made so many more her in good ol carrollton and can't wait to see what else the Lord is going to do and where he will take us!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

30 is the new 20!!!

So...I am officially 30!!!!! It is so crazy- I don't feel any different, but it is weird that I am no longer in my twenties!!! And my sweet Seth did such a sweet-fun suprise for me!!! Yesterday after lunch he came in and told me I had ten minutes to pack for one night!! he did not tell me where i was going or with who- but I picked up my friend mary ann and we went to my parents lake house and when I got there several of my really good friends were there to suprise me. Not only had he gotten my friends there- but he had thought for EVERYTHING -our dinner- mexican and my favorite chips and salsa from our favorite mexican place-margaritas!!- snacks- had traci bring me my favorite panera bagels- had a cake for me- had all of them think through our favorite memories and one thing to encourage me with and then we just talked and talked and talked and then watched a movie and then this morning we sat at the breakfast table for three hours and talked more!! This morning I got my gift from seth and the best was he wrote a list of 30 things he loved about me and it made me laugh and cry!! So- I feel so loved and am so thankful for all the blessings the Lord has given me!!

my kid hates clothes

so .....caleb has a new hatred for pants!! Yesterday morning by lunch I had changed/redressed him three times. He is somewhat ready to potty train and so he will take his diaper off after he has peed in it and then when I dress him- he will be undressed in a few moments- luckily it has not happened in public yet!!! here is some naked vacumning!!!! anyone need their house cleaned?

happy late valentines day

so.....a little late!! but we had a fun family day- heart pancakes to start with and then heart pb&j's and then opened our valentines from grandparents and then to wal mart to pick out a prize with valentines money from tachi and then to our favorite restaurant- ci-ci's and then the boys opened their valentines day prizes and lots of candy!!! seth and I dont do anything cause we both think it is kind of a silly holiday so we just had fun being with our kiddos!!!

ski trip

we took a weekend ski trip several weekends ago to north carolina. There were about thirty students from west georgia and we had so much fun skiing on ice!!! we had a few little meetings so it was exhausting but so fun and no one got too hurt!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Crazies!!!

I feel like I have a blog trend- just update once a month and put tons of info in!!! (this is not my goal- blogging is the one thing I tend to procrastinate over) So...Christmas and Happy New Year

After Seth being gone from Dec. 14-18th on a ski trip- he came home and then on the 19th we did the Terrell family Christmas- Our tradition is going to Waffle or Huddle house and having breakfast (boys in pjs) and talk more about why we celebrate Christmas and talk about who Saint Nicholas was and then we come home and did our advent calendar (the one I have is from desiringgod.org and I love it) and then we open presents for our family (which is not much because they get WAAAAY too much while we are on the road

Caleb's favorite toy was the dollar tree ball and Blevin got a Transformers tent

So...then we hit the road for our 13 day excursion that afternoon(19th) We stayed at Seth's parents til the 24th and as always they did way too much for us for christmas and it was fun and crazy- 5 kids + 8 adults+ freezing weather= a little cabin fever or chaos!!! Seth and Shane did not get to play much golf because it was too cold- so they were a little on edge because they are not used to being around the kids the whole time- but we did lots of fun things including taking all 5 (1 five year old, 2 four year olds, and 2 two year olds) There is no way to get a good picture of all five but we made several attemps!!

Then we went to Seth's grandmothers on the 24th and had another Christmas with his grandmother and then went to my parents!! Christmas day we had a huge breakfast and then waited on Elliott-Sarah and Collier and then ate a huge lunch and then opened presents again!! So...by Christmas day- the boys are completely overwhelmed by all their toys and things they have gotten. We got to hang out with Elliott and Sarah and then the day after Christmas my mom's whole family came over and we hung out and shot skeet!!

The boys are not allowed to have a kitchen- so they got a grill and here they are chillin with Daddy T

the three grandkids- Blevin- baby Collier and Caleb

So then on the 27th we loaded up and dropped the boys off with Seth's parents and headed to Nashville for my 12th Christmas Conference!! We had an awesome group from West Georgia and it is always great for me personally too in my walk with the Lord. We had around 50 go and I had prayed for one room of Phi Mu's to go and 5 went!!! I was so excited. The speakers were great- many late nights- one night of dancing and lots of talking and after we got home I realized that I am not 18 any more and it took several days to recover. So...after a great holiday- we are happy to be home and school started last week, so things are off to an exciting and busy start- will try to update more frequently! A little late- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

our group from West Georgia