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We are a family of four and a half- Seth, Bethany, Blevin and Caleb and another little man on the way. Seth is on staff with Campus Outreach and I (Bethany) stay at home with the boys and sometimes sell Usborne books and am making some attempt to homeschool. Blevin is almost five and is the compassionate (most of the time) Transformer and super hero loving boy. Caleb is almost three and keeps me on my toes- there is never a dull moment with him around!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

keeps me on my toes....

well- as you all know caleb makes life fun and exciting. last night he woke up and joined the party with everyone and then while I was getting ready to go to bed i noticed he did not follow, but he was so tired that i just figured he was laying on the couch because that is what he told me he wanted to do. i was wrong- i walked into the kitchen and i found him with his hand in the sugar jar that i have by the coffee maker eating sugar!!!!! i should know better by now to always worry that he is getting into something. the picture does not do it justice- but his nose does look a little blurry...that is sugar!!! then he wanted to change clothes and he wants to pick out all his own clothes and put them on - so he picked out a shirt and put it on upside down and backwards and he is so stubborn and i get so tired of fighting him on everything that i let him sleep it in just like that!!! The Lord knew I needed some entertainment in life!!!!

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