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We are a family of four and a half- Seth, Bethany, Blevin and Caleb and another little man on the way. Seth is on staff with Campus Outreach and I (Bethany) stay at home with the boys and sometimes sell Usborne books and am making some attempt to homeschool. Blevin is almost five and is the compassionate (most of the time) Transformer and super hero loving boy. Caleb is almost three and keeps me on my toes- there is never a dull moment with him around!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh Caleb!!!

Caleb is quite the independent one and this morning he decided to pour himself some milk which was actually coffee creamer and only spilled a little bit- so I was quite suprised but then later I came in the kitchen and he had some gross brown stuff on his chin and I said Caleb- "what are you eating?" and his reply was "Toffee!!" (or coffee) He does love to try and steal a few sips of my coffee but this morning he went for the grounds in the trash!!!!! Luckily they were on top- My life would be so boring without him!!!


Katy Watters said...

oh wow...toffee..haha

The Allen Family said...

oh my!!! how great to have a personal little spice in your life!!! you can count on caleb to keep things interesting and humerous!!!

Jessica said...

He looks identical to Seth in that picture...what a little man he is growing too fast!